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Founded in 2004, Synergy Business Centres started its life as a solution to the growing domestic/commercial cleaning company. As this business matured, it moved from a home-based business to an office in Botany.

As there were no solution to the company's office requirements, the cleaning business signed a lease for 400sqm in 1999 – that year the business ran at a loss. To allow growth a receptionist was hired to help with the daily running of the office and ventured out into the field.

The company saw a need for his associates to have office space, and leased part of his 400sqm, the cost also incorporating the receptionist, the mailing duties, the telecommunications and outgoings.

The next year, the company's little 400sqm was remodeled to house 16 individual offices – all leased within 12 months. At this point in time, the cleaning company had developed into a toilet paper supply and hygiene company that was very successful; ‘Synergy Washrooms’ was sold in 2004, to allow the business to focus on: ‘Synergy Business Centres’.

The goal was to provide a solution for small business that were just starting out, that didn’t require a large office space or the cost or commitment of employees.

From modest and unassuming beginnings in 2004, Synergy Business Centres has now expanded to take in 11 properties. Located in Rockdale, Miranda, Broadway, Liverpool, Parramatta, Wollongong, Chatswood, Alexandria, Canberra and Botany, Synergy is planning more as it grows and develops an identity in the industry. This growth is metred by careful planning, taking in all aspects of the business.

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